What problems need to be overcome if China’s industrial robots want to rise ?

2019-10-28 10:52:33
China is known as a big manufacturing country, but when it comes to the difficult central skills in China's manufacturing industry, almost all of them are monopolized by foreign countries, especially the industrial robot industry. With the continuous expansion of the domestic robot market, more capital and enterprises will enter the robot field. China's robot industry has a huge development space, but it also reflects that the progress of China's industrial robot industry will face more challenges.
The key parts are the profit center of industrial robots, especially in servo motor and reducer. It binds the capital of domestic industrial robots. Now the skills of key parts of robots in China are far less than those in foreign countries. China's industrial robots mainly produce assembly and processing, mainly in three-axis and four-axis, low-end stacking robots and handling robots. Although the addition of domestic robot shopping malls has led to the opening of domestic robot operations, from now on, foreign enterprises are the most profitable. The weakness of domestic industrial robots is the high-end multi joint robots with six axes or more.
In the domestic robot industry, there is a large import substitution space for high-end shopping malls, and robot operation is one of the ways to guide the whole domestic manufacturing industry to advance. With regard to the future of industrial robots, skills are the foundation. Whoever has the sovereignty over skills will lead the industry.