Everyone says that co-robot are cost-effective, where is it?

2020-04-24 11:17:05
Took a 4.0 with the rapid development of science and technology, the industrial era, enterprises have also taken place in the mode of production of technical change, the traditional industry, large-scale development in the direction of automation and flexibility, the heavy production under the premise that the environment of the market, create the co-robot work demand, the emergence of co-robot, created a new manufacturing mode, relative to the industrial robot, co-robot from structure, deploy, and able to security cooperation with people, and the operation is simple, a worker can learn a few hours. Let's do a comparative analysis on the cost of workers and co-robot:


In Techrobots, Techrobots(Shenzhen)   is a company dedicated to research and development design production collaboration and joint robot module, servo module manufacturers, has launched on the market many parts completely localization of collaboration and joint robot module, for example: TA6 co-robot series, series of TB6 co-robot and robot joint module. Currently, Techrobots' are affordable, cost-effective, low energy consumption, and can operate for 24 hours with a rated operating time of 30,000 hours.

The working life of a Techrobots is 30000h / 12 = 2500d / 365 = 6.84y, and the working life of a Techrobots is about 7 years (12 hours a day, year round).

The cost of a worker's work, besides insurance we calculate to do 4000 yuan, work 12 hours every day, every year is 48,000 yuan, two years 96,000 yuan, three years 144,000 yuan...... 336,000 yuan for 7 years (12 hours a day, 336,000 yuan is a simple personal salary).

Through the above comparison, we can know that a robot can replace 2-3 people, the key is its full reliability and ensure the accuracy of work while completing a given amount of work. So what are some of the industry areas where Tech-robots can be used?

Techrobots is a 6 dof light co-robot independently developed by Techrobots. It has the functions of dragging, teaching, safety and collision prevention, and can work with people directly. Independent design and development of joint module, not only light and flexible, smooth and smooth operation, and meet the demand of load. High level of protection, applicable to a variety of different working environments, has a strong universality, cooperation and openness, widely used in logistics assembly, assembly line production, loading and unloading, AGV, 3C electronics, scientific research, medical, military, aerospace and other industries. The installation is simple (installation way is arbitrary Angle) and the use is diversified, enhances the product quality and the production efficiency, and saves the labor cost better.

Techrobots helps enterprises solve single, boring and repetitive jobs, release workers' hands, improve enterprise efficiency and save labor costs.