Annual masterpiece, Tech Robots DR series dual-arm collaborative robot officially hits the market!

2023-11-27 08:48:02
    As a specialist brand in collaborative robotics, Tech Robots boasts 15 years of technical expertise. From servo drives to joint modules and now collaborative robots, we consistently meet the evolving needs of our customers. We deepen our technological foundation, fortify our capabilities, and expand and enhance our core business. Recently, we officially launched our flagship product for the year 2023 – the DR Series Dual-Arm Collaborative Robot!

Currently, two models are available in this series: DR688 and DR860, each with unique features:
DR688: Consists of two seven-axis robotic arms and a main structure.Single-arm reach of 688mm, weight of 9.8KG, payload capacity of 3KG.Repeat positioning accuracy ≤±0.03mm.
DR860: Also comprised of two seven-axis robotic arms and a main structure.Single-arm reach of 860mm, weight of 10KG, payload capacity of 2KG.Repeat positioning accuracy ≤±0.03mm.

    Both dual-arm products are built by Tech Robots's self-developed MJX series joint modules, which have compact size and high precision, and are specially built for humanoid robots and collaborative robotic arms.
    Equivalent to traditional single-arm robots, dual-arm collaborative robots have many irreplaceable advantages:
    1, dual-arm cooperative operation, to achieve more complex and delicate work;
    2, with a high degree of programmability and adaptability, according to the actual needs of flexible changes and adjustments.
    3, with high precision and stability, can carry out more delicate, time-consuming and difficult work.
    In industry, dual-arm robots can be used to perform a range of tasks, including: assembly, sorting, handling, etc. on automated production lines; material handling, packaging, stacking, etc. in the manufacturing industry. Operations in hazardous environments, such as painting and welding. Reception, counseling, catering, etc. in the service industry;

    In the medical field, dual-arm robots are used in remote surgery, rehabilitation therapy, elderly care and other work; at the same time, dual-arm robots have a wide range of applications in the field of scientific research and education, such as assisting in teaching, scientific research and experimental projects.
      In general, the application of dual-arm robots is very wide, but also can replace humans to perform dangerous, tedious or require a high degree of accuracy of the task, to improve efficiency and safety, such as harsh environments, such as operations, with crawlers, wheels and feet and other mobile devices, this dual-arm robots can be a great degree of replacement for human remote operations, at the same time, do not have to worry about the adverse effects of harsh environments and other adverse effects, reduce the accidental misoperation The DR Dual-Arm Collaborative Robot is currently being used to replace humans in remote work.
    At present, DR dual-arm collaborative robots have been shipped in bulk, and the products are used in medical testing, rehabilitation, scientific research, harsh environments, agriculture, services and other fields, thanks to high precision, small size and large load and reliability, and have won the praise of customers!
    Significance: After 15 years of research and development, focusing on the core technology of the robotics industry, Tech Robots2023 ushered in a bumper year, not only the heavyweight for the humanoid robotics field of the MJX series of articulated modules, as well as for the quadruped robotic dog DJB series of articulated modules, and even more dual-armed 7-axis collaborative robots such as the masterpiece of the year, marking the Tyco Robotics has been transformed, not only has the most professional servo drive core technology, but also has the most professional domestic Tyco Robotics has been transformed, not only has the most professional servo drive core technology, but also has a strong R&D strength to build high-end collaborative robots, and has taken a solid step towards building a first-class collaborative robot brand in China.
    Tech Robots, the light boat has crossed ten thousand mountains!