Techrobots Smart Seven-axis Co-Robot with 3kg payload is newly launched

2021-04-06 13:55:35
With the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend and the gradual increase in the requirements for flexibility in industrial production, co-robots have begun to enter factories to reduce production costs, meet different production needs, and begin to gradually replace various highly repetitive and boring and tedious work types. Machines are replaced. People have become the general trend.

The TB7-R3 co-robot is an ultra-highly flexible co-robot created by Techrobots in the high-pressure market environment. It is also built using the latest self-developed joint module without shell (RJSIIZ series joint module). The end payload of this co-robot is 3kg, the working radius is 734.3mm, the repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.05mm, the body weight is only 18kg, and the performance is excellent. It not only meets the performance requirements of the intelligent manufacturing production line of the enterprise, but also can quickly adapt to the environment of the smart factory. Enhance the company's ability to win future competition.

The TB7-R3 co-robot is lightweight, easy to deploy, easy to use, safe and reliable, and low cost. It also has functions such as quick configuration, dragging and teaching, and collision detection, which lowers the threshold for robot use. With an open ecology and highly sensitive operation without dead angles, it is suitable for flexible production lines with compact layout and high accuracy, meeting the needs of industrial operations such as precision assembly, product polishing, testing, machine tool loading and unloading, and testing.

Techrobots will continue to provide enterprises with collaborative robots and joint module application solutions to empower more industries and increase the future.