[New product] Techrobots 20KG large load co- robot has been launched!

2020-05-13 16:52:10
The market for co-robots is becoming increasingly important as companies demand increased productivity, speed, and efficiency, the size of the available workforce shrinks, and the safety of the workforce around robots in Shared workplaces is ensured.

Techrobots is about to launch a super large load co-robot tb6-r20, which can be applied to the harsh working environment with a maximum load of less than 20kg. It can better replace the labor force and reduce production risk and labor costs. Tb6-r20 co-robot can be widely used in logistics assembly, assembly line production, loading and unloading, AGV, 3C electronics, scientific research, medical, military, aerospace, and other industries. Due to the diversified installation methods of co-robots, it can help enterprises quickly deploy automated production lines, improve production capacity, and increase enterprise benefits.

The tb6-r20 six-axis cooperative manipulator is a lightweight, miniature, human-machine co-robot with a maximum payload of 20kg, a working radius of 1000mm, a self-weight of 38kg, an area of 148mm, repetitive positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm, the terminal velocity of 2m/s, and a motion range of ±175° for each joint. Techrobots co-robots are easy to operate, easy to deploy, and can be quickly learned and used by people without any operational experience.

TB6-R20 co-robot