[New] TB6 R3 / R5 Techservo Co-Robot Helps Enterprises Fight the Epidemic

2020-03-24 15:03:45
Affected by the new coronavirus, many companies have begun to reflect on their situations. The company cannot resume work normally, and employment is a major problem for the company. A series of questions on how to protect the health of employees after the resumption has followed. However, enterprises still need to operate, and they need to fight the epidemic on the front line so that enterprises can operate stably.

At the same time, during this epidemic, we continuously saw different figures of robots, and we also found that robots have begun to join and slowly strip people from previous repetitive tasks, reducing the impact of the epidemic on humans.

Techrobots independently developed the TB6 R3 / R5 co-robot to help enterprises resume work and production quickly, efficiently dock, and accelerate enterprise transformation. Products are widely used in logistics assembly, assembly line production, loading and unloading, AGV, 3C electronics, scientific research, medical, military, aerospace, and other industries. Simple installation (any angle of installation method) and diversified uses allow enterprises to resume work and production quickly and win the battle against epidemics.

TB6 R3
TB6 R5