Intelligent Ultrasonic Inspection Robot

2023-12-06 14:10:48

So far, B-ultrasound has been one of the best methods for internal organ examination and a core detection method commonly used in physical examinations. However, there is a significant shortage of ultrasound physicians in China's medical system, along with uneven distribution of resources. To meet the increasing demands for diagnosis and treatment, Tech Robots provides a solution with an Intelligent Ultrasonic Inspection Robot, addressing several major pain points:

1. Remote Detection and Real-time Diagnosis
Physicians can remotely operate the ultrasound inspection robot using 5G networks to conduct examinations on patients. Through the integrated software system on the robot, basic diagnosis and analysis of the condition can be performed and instantly transmitted to the attending physician. This significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of detection and diagnosis, reducing the burden on patients.

2. Smooth and Sensitive, Safe and Reliable
The Tech Robots ultrasound robot features seven degrees of freedom, with a repeat positioning accuracy of up to ±0.03mm, enabling precise and flexible whole-body examinations to ensure a smooth and professional detection process. Equipped with an agile force feedback system, the robot ensures safety and comfort during examinations.