Piano-Playing Robot

2023-10-19 11:37:04

On May 24th, at the 8th China Robot Summit and Intelligent Economy Talent Summit, the robot "Xiao Le" showcased by Zhejiang Lab captivated the audience with its agile fingers leaping on the black and white keys of a piano. Using both hands and feet, "Xiao Le" played melodious tunes, demonstrating a remarkable skill level. According to the staff, "Xiao Le" is proficient in playing over 30 songs, equivalent to a piano performance at a Grade 5 level.
The flexible movements of "Xiao Le's" dual arms, legs, head, and body are controlled by 19 precise and stable Tech Robots MJX series joint modules. Each joint module performs accurate angle rotations and speed adjustments based on the specific requirements of each musical task, producing beautiful melodies with finesse.

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