TB6-R10 Special Rescue Robot


Product Overview: 
The pipeline rescue special robot is equipped with a crawling car body unit, industrial camera unit, and control unit fusion technology to accurately grasp and judge the position and posture of the trapped pipeline construction personnel, monitor the dynamics of the trapped personnel in real-time, and start auxiliary rescue work in the first time. Techrobots' customizable co-robotic arm TB6-R10 has high reliability and stability, high repeatable positioning accuracy, and flexible customization of the robotic arm length. It has been adapted to be used in narrow pipelines and other special occasions to perform dangerous auxiliary rescue tasks. The robot application field is widely used.TB6-R10 Special Rescue Robot is designed with a crawling chassis, industrial camera, and integrated control unit. It accurately locates and monitors trapped construction personnel in pipes, enabling quick and effective auxiliary rescue operations. Tech Robots' customizable collaborative robot arm, TB6-R10, boasts high reliability, stability, and precise repeatability. With a flexible arm length, it adapts to various special environments, making it widely utilized for hazardous rescue tasks in narrow pipelines and other specific applications.

Technical Advantages:

1. Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry, can be quickly deployed for work.

2. Customizable robotic arm, suitable for personalized needs in special application scenarios, such as pipelines, deep wells, etc.

3. Utilizes Tech Robots' independently developed robotic joint modules, suitable for applications with low speed and high torque requirements.