TA6-R3 Spray Coating Cobot

2020-06-30 11:19:02
Project Requirements and Design Solution
A company's customized design case-automated spraying collaborative robot, using RJS series joint modules to design and develop a six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm, has an ultra-long stretchability, and has special requirements on the color and arm span of the robotic arm body, making this The mechanical arm has a payload of 3KG and a working radius of 2160mm.Customization Case Study by a company - Automated Spray Coating Collaborative Robot. Designed and developed using the RJS series joint module, this six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm boasts an exceptionally long reach. It has specific color requirements for both the robotic arm itself and its reach. This design results in a robotic arm with a 3kg effective payload and a 2160mm working radius.
Industrial robot
This robotic arm design is applied in the field of automatic spraying and painting, featuring a large reach, extensive working range, high speed, and precision. With the ability for continuous production 24 hours a day, it significantly enhances production efficiency. The use of the spraying robot automates the painting process, improving the quality and stability of the coating, reducing paint and energy consumption, and ultimately increasing overall productivity. The robot allows for easy programming through manual drag-and-teach, enabling the recording of operating trajectories. It also includes collision detection to stop operations in case of unexpected impacts, minimizing the risk of equipment damage.
Spraying robot

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