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Are you still worrying about robot development ?

Techsoft Robots(Shenzhen) provides you with a high cost-effective integrated robot joint module

Products:RJS,RJS-II,RJU,SHD And Customer Special Customization

Main application industries: automatic assembly production, automatic logistics sorting, unmanned retail, rehabilitation medical and surgical assistance, power inspection, scientific research and teaching, automobile and accessories assembly, biochemical analysis and testing

Distribution of plug-and-pin brakes, which went on sale in early 2018, has sold more than 800 sets.

Why choose our joint module?

RJS series of robotic joint dies through highly integrated design, make customer selection simpler, faster installation, reduce customer design, selection and assembly costs.

·Independent research and development driver, based on the current most advanced technology of the development of FPGA
·To meet the requirements of high precision, smooth operation, fast response and moment control for cooperative robots
· Supporting A/B/Z signal
· Resolution 2000-20000P/R
· Hollow Size 18.5-23MM
·One or more cycles (batteries required)
· Single-loop 13-18-bit multi-loop 16-bit
· Supporting BISS/Domochuan Interface
·Hollow 12-18.5MM
·Plug-in brake or traditional brake can be selected
·Play the Optimal Efficiency and Guarantee High Quality and Stable Operation
·Maximum Torque Achieves Peak Performance of Harmonic Reducer
·Conducive to the arrangement of pipes and wires in the hollow axle
·Safety against collision (optional force sensor)
·Professional design, development and production of robotic joints
·The motor has large hollow aperture, which can ensure the perfect combination of joint modules.
·The motor has very low torque ripple, easy speed control and accurate positioning, small rotational inertia and fast dynamic response.

Top 10 Performance of RJS Series Modules

Based on more than 10 years'focus on the production, development and application of high performance servo drivers, RJS series joint modules ensure the stable operation of cooperative robots with high positioning accuracy and high reliability.
More flexible

It can be freely assembled into 3KG, 5KG, 10KG, 15kg, 20KG robots. The number of joint axes can be flexibly matched.


Full closed-loop control is realized by using double encoders. The repetitive positioning accuracy of output terminal can reach 0.001.

More lightweight

The reducer is designed with hollow super flat structure, compact structure, smaller size, lighter joint weight and less weight than 2Kg.

Super moments

The continuous output torque is 10~450N.m.

Higher Speed

The rated maximum speed can reach 40 RPM, the maximum rotation speed of the joint can reach 240 degree/s, and the acceleration can reach 10 RPS/S.

More secure

Comprehensive safety protection design such as drive overcurrent, over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, location error, short circuit, I2t and control error.

More convenient

Routine 48 VDC power supply, 24-60 VDC power supply is optional

low power consumption

RJS14 works normally at a minimum of 20W, and the power consumption of 3KG cooperative robot is about 150 W under normal working conditions.

More friendly

EtherCAT, CANopen Communications Optional, Supports Most Mainstream Robot Controllers


Provide OEM customized service for customers

Basic performance
Parameter  Units RJS14 RJS17 RJS20 RJS25 RJS32 RJS40
Allowable torque Nm 28 54 82 157 333 279
Average torque Nm 11 39 49 108 216 450
Peak torque Nm 54 86 147 284 647 1000
Rated speed rpm 30 30 30 20 20 12.5
Maximum speed rpm 40 35 35 25 25 15
positioning accuracy 0.001
Electrical performance
Rated current A 5.7 5.8 7 12.2 13.3 28
Peak Current A 14.25 14.5 17.5 30.5 33.25 56
 Rated voltage V 48
Load power W 117 146 210 350 419 1000
Communication -- Ethercat/Canopen
Mechanical properties
Diameter mm 90 90 100 119 156 184
Height mm 104 104 114 135 172 207
Length mm 130 144 144 160 175 221.1
Weight kg 1.75 2.37 2.92 4.7 7.5 16
Gear ratio -- 101 101 101 101 161 161
Incremental Encoder P/R 20000
Absolute Encoder Bit 17/19
Ambient temperature  -- 0 - 50℃
Temperature  -- 90% relative humidity(non-condensing)
Environmental requirements
IP classification  -- IP54

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