SHD rotary actuator

Main features

The strong output of lightweight design: Professional hollow ultra-flat design, realizing strong output of high power density in the lightweight volume
External Drive Renewed: Intelligent Actuator adopts External Self-developed Driver, which can play motor performance more efficiently and is a better choice for the intelligent flexible actuator.
Absolute encoder: high precision absolute encoder, precise control of motion trajectory, multi-loop absolute encoder resolution standard 16 single-loop and 16 multi-loop
Intelligent actuator SHD is mainly divided into SHD14B、SHD17B、SHD20B and more models, please look forward to it.

Product Features

Small size, large output torque, flexible opening, good heat dissipation, and accuracy.

low cost

Core independent technology research and development, reducing the research and development cost of actuators in the process of robot development.

Wide range of applications

Mainly for scientific research and teaching, medical equipment.

Seiko quality, high integration

Compact design and integrated actuators to meet the needs of high torque and high power density.

Improve control ability and ensure power output

Core independent technology design research and development, modular design, small size, high efficiency, fast response, smooth operation enables the robot to meet higher operating accuracy and cater to new market opportunities.

Outstanding performance
Precise control
Exquisite technology, precise control by a high-precision encoder, high-efficiency operation, sensitive response, timely feedback on the position control information, high reliability and stability

Quickly set up your robot,Choose from a variety of sizes

SHD series intelligent actuators are mainly divided into SHD-14, SHD-17, SHD-20, and more models...


Average torque:49N·m
Rated speed:29RPM

Basic parameters




Parameter  Units SHD14B
Basic performance
Average torque Nm 11 39 49 11
Peak torque Nm 54 110 147 54
Rated speed rpm 29.7 19.8 29 29.7
Maximum speed rpm 42.5 28.7 35 42.5
positioning accuracy Degree 0.001
Electrical performance
Rated current A 4.2 5.7 6 4.2
Peak Current A 10.5 14.25 15 10.5
 Rated voltage V 48
Load power W 118 148 200 118
Communication  -- Ethercat/Canopen
Mechanical properties
Diameter mm 70 80 90 70
Height mm 75 82.1 88 93
Weight kg 1.07 1.458 2.2 1.5
Gear ratio -- 101 101 101 101
brake -- None Yes
Absolute Encoder Bit 16 bit Singleturn /16 bitMultiturn absolute encoder (Optional 20000P/R Incremental Encoder)
Ambient temperature  -- 0 - 50℃
Temperature  -- 90%relative humiditynon-condensing
Environmental requirements
IP classification  -- IP54


2D Drawing 3D Drawing
  • SHD14 Rotary actuator -RevB1

  • SHD17 Rotary actuator -RevB1

  • Shd20 rotary actuator -RevB2

  • Shd 14B rotary actuator -RevB2


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