RJU joint modules
for business and life service applications

A brand new robotic joint, different from RJS, RJSII, SHD, and other traditional shapes, but a joint that can give robots more design space and application field, customers can locate according to their product direction.

Open and friendly, easy to operate

• Modular design, a compact new generation of joint modules, its weight, size, installation mode, appearance, and other relative RJS have been greatly optimized.
• For the joint robotic produced by the customer in the later period, more design space is provided, the diversity of installation methods is provided, and more application space is provided for the robot.
• According to the orientation of the company's robot, it can locate various protection levels more freely, which also gives the robot more possibilities.

Focus on R&D and production of robotic joint
with excellent performance

More independent design space to help you quickly develop and manufacture your articulated robot, enter the market, and seize the opportunity.

Product advantages

Customers can assemble and design their robots according to actual needs, shorten the development cycle of robots, and quickly bring a return on investment. Products are widely used in the market and look forward to your arrival.

Modular design
RJU joint modules integrate harmonic reducer, motor, brake, dual encoder, driver in a small, compact structure to meet the needs of more application markets.
Innovative design
The RJU series of jointless modules without shells are aimed at the needs of customers, allowing customers to better design joint shells and produce their joint robots through their product concepts and actual needs.
We always provide you with high-quality products and services, which gives us an excellent reputation in the industry, and you can get high-quality products at affordable prices.
Outstanding performance
RJU joint modules are strong and powerful at low speed, quiet and stable at high speed, and can output smoothly under extreme load conditions. The maximum continuous output torque is 10 ~ 450N · m.
Wide range of applications
There are a wide range of applications, and customers can freely design product appearances according to actual needs, such as (automation equipment, collaborative robots, medical robots, AGV cars, etc.)
Safe and smooth
The RJU series joint module can feedback various information such as the position, speed, current, and torque of each joint to the control system in real-time.
Long lasting
The RJU joint module has undergone a 7 * 24 hours aging test before leaving the factory, which guarantees the reliability of each joint module and the service life is up to 30,000 hours.

Quick combination
Choose from a variety of sizes

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Basic parameters




Basic performance
Parameter  Units RJU14/Z RJU(Z)17 RJU(Z)20 RJU(Z)25
Average torque Nm 34 66 102 194
Rated Load Torque Nm 9.6 30 50 84
Peak torque Nm 66 134 182 351
Rated speed rpm 29.7 29.7 29.7 19.8
Maximum speed rpm 47.5 35 35 37.6
Electrical performance
Rated power W 118 146 210 400
 Rated voltage VDC 48 48 48 48
Rated current A 4.7 5.7 7 11.5
Peak current A 11.75 14.25 17.5 28.75
Communication  -- EtherCAT/CANopen
Mechanical properties
Diameter kg 1.14 1.75 1.96 3.2
Length mm 70 80 92 110
Weight mm 125 134 136 150
Brake -- Plug-in (UR type) )
Incremental Encoder -- 17bit Singleturn absolute encoder
Absolute Encoder P/R 20000 20000 20000 20000
Gear ratio -- 101 101 101 101


2D Drawing 3D Drawing
  • RJUZ14 Joint component type

  • RJUZ17 Joint component type

  • RJUZ20 Joint component type

  • RJUZ25 Joint component type

  • RJU14 Joint type L

  • RJU17 Joint type L

  • RJU20 Joint type L

  • RJU25 Joint type L


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