RJS Joint Module
For Educational Research Applications

Integrate high-performance driver, DC frameless torque motor, high-resolution dual encoder, harmonic reducer, brake and sensor in one, to play the joint module performance efficiently

Innovation, openness, convenience and efficiency

• Light cabinet, the minimum diameter of 90 mm, weight is only 1.75 kg
• Support for EtherCAT and CANopen communication protocols
• Modular design, quick installation
• Latch type lock, good heat dissipation, power automatic lock
• Ultra-low power consumption, normal operation only 20W

Integrated highly intelligent integration

Highly integrated integration of technologies such as drives, motors, harmonic reducers, dual encoders, and brakes,which can better provide a complete solution for your robot development

Excellent performance, safe and reliable

Helps you improve your robot's market competitiveness

Product advantages

Focusing on the research and development of the robotic joints, the RJS joint modules has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and reliable performance.

Modular design
The RJS joint modules integrate motor, driver, harmonic reducer, encoder, and brake. The structure is small and compact. The minimum robot weight consisting of a 6-axis RJS joint module is only 15kg.
Easy installation
The RJS joint module simplifies the assembly process of the robot. The assembly process no longer involves complicated parts of assembly and wiring. A 6-axis robot can be completed quickly in only 2-3h.
The RJS joint module can help you save a lot of time and manpower required in the process of robot design, component selection, performance testing, etc., and provide you with a one-stop solution for robots.
Safe and smooth
The RJS joint modules feeds back various position, speed, current, torque, and other various information to the control system in real-time, which is convenient for you to control the robot more safely and make your robot run more smoothly.
We always provide you with high-quality products and services, which gives us an excellent reputation in the industry, and you can get top-quality products at affordable prices.
Precise positioning
The RJS joint modules have good positioning accuracy. The repeated positioning accuracy of the 6-axis robotic end using the RJS joint modules reaches 0.02mm, which is suitable for more high-precision industries.
Strong output
The RJS joint modules runs powerfully at low speed is quiet and stable at high speed, and can output smoothly under extreme load conditions. The maximum continuous output torque reaches 450Nm.

Basic parameters




Basic performance
Parameter  Units RJS14 RJS17 RJS20 RJS25 RJS32 RJS40
Allowable torque Nm 28 54 82 157 333 279
Average torque Nm 11 39 49 108 216 450
Peak torque Nm 54 86 147 284 647 1000
Rated speed rpm 30 30 30 20 12.5 12.5
Maximum speed rpm 40 35 35 25 15 15
positioning accuracy 0.002
Electrical performance
Rated current A 5.7 5.8 7 12.2 13.3 28
Peak Current A 14.25 14.5 17.5 30.5 33.25 56
 Rated voltage V 48
Load power W 117 146 210 350 419 1000
Communication -- Ethercat/Canopen
Mechanical properties
Diameter mm 90 90 100 119 156 184
Height mm 104 104 114 135 172 207
Length mm 130 144 144 160 175 221.1
Weight kg 1.75 2.37 2.92 4.96 8.6 15
Gear ratio -- 101 101 101 101 161 161
Incremental Encoder P/R 20000
Absolute Encoder Bit 17/19
Ambient temperature  -- 0 - 50℃
Temperature  -- 90% relative humidity(non-condensing)
Environmental requirements
IP classification  -- IP54


  • RJS series User manual V1.0

  • RJS series Selection Guide

  • RJS series joint modules wiring definition


2D Drawing 3D Drawing
  • RJS14-15BE-YSA17-RDM15-RevC1

  • RJS17-26BE-YSA17-RDM15-RevC1

  • RJS20-20BE-YSA17-RDM15-RevC1

  • RJS25-31BE-YSA17-RDM15-RevC1

  • RJS32-22BE-YSA17-RDM15-RevC2

  • RJS40-31BE-YSA17-RDM30-RevA3


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