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If you want to get a high salary,
If you are a person who dares to take risks, accept challenges and meet new opportunities,
If you are ambitious and dreamy,
If you want to achieve your career,
Come here, there are also people with you to realize your dreams.

Recruitment conditions:

1. Fully understand and understand robots, and look forward to the future market development space of cooperative robots.
2. Enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship, ambitious goals, high-speed development and broad stage space.
3. A person who is creative, happy and enterprising, and who creates wealth and embodies value.
4. Knowledge and technical foundation of motor, power electronics, mechatronics, mechanical design and other related specialties
5. Relevant working experience in robot body structure design, motor design, servo drive control, robot controller development, sales, management, etc.

Welcome to join us

Recruitment Line: 189-2524-7623
(WeChat same number)

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Welcome to join us

Email: hr@techservo.com

Recruitment Line: 189-2524-7623
(WeChat same number)


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