Seven-axis simple co-robot

2018-01-26 4200
Techrobots Smart has launched a seven-axis simple co-robot with a payload of 1.5kg, a more autonomously designed co-robot; a new shellless design that more intuitively displays the design structure, parts and working status of the robot; the robot The appearance can be brand new OEM custom design, product protection can be upgraded, the design is flexible, customer-oriented, to meet the needs of different work areas, is the ideal choice for light assembly and high precision control.
Simple co-robot
The seven-axis simple co-robot has a compact structure, lightweight body, and various installation and deployment methods. All wrist joints can be rotated at a large angle, and the end joints can be rotated by ±360 degrees, which is more flexible than a six-axis robot. This robot is specially designed for business, various life service industries, and small and medium-sized enterprises, and can meet their flexible production needs.
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OEM service design exclusive robot

The co-robot is designed and developed based on the new shellless RJU joint module. It provides a variety of RJU joint module models. The joint module can quickly build a new robot, realize the development of new robots with different payloads, and respond to different application scenarios. Demand, OEM customized services, quickly and accurately meet customer needs. Design exclusive shells, create exclusive robots, shorten robot development, and bring customers rapid return on investment. This robot is easy to use and program. It has functions such as human-machine collaboration, drag teaching, and collision detection. It can teach the robot movement or positioning simply and quickly, greatly simplifying robot programming, and effectively save debugging and learning time. Simple and intuitive system operation interface. Tyco Robotics provides customers with more comprehensive automation solutions and is committed to helping customers raise production efficiency and reliability to new heights.
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