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Flexible and easy to operate co-robot

Industrial grade series products

TB6-R5 is a flexible and lightweight industrial co-robot with a compact mechanical structure design. This co-robot has a payload of 5KG, a deadweight of only 23KG, and repeatable positioning accuracy of up to ±0.05mm, adapting to the needs of diverse and flexible production applications. The modular joint design makes the disassembly and replacement of joint modules faster and easier to install and maintain. It has the characteristics of lightweight, wide use and easy to use, aiming to help enterprises improve economic efficiency.

TB6-R5 Technical details

The performance characteristics of

• Load capacity of 5kg, high cost performance, flexible, light and high precision, suitable for medium load applications.
• Modular design, quick disassembly, quick repair, and replacement.
• Compact appearance, arbitrary Angle installation, flexible deployment, easy to use.
• Advanced drag demonstration and collision detection functions.
• Force sense collision detection, with high flexibility, high safety performance, and human-computer interaction, integration, and cooperation.

TB6-R5 Co-robot promotional video

Product technical drawing

TR6-R5 Data download

TB6-R5 Co-robot technical parameters

Robotic armControl box&Teach Pendant

Robotic arm

Repeatability ±0.05mm
Ambient humidity range 25-85%(Not condensable)
Ambient temperature range -20-45℃
Power consumption 300w(Normal working condition)
Rated life 30000h
Cooperative operation Cooperative operation according to IOS10218-1: 2011, equipped with co-robot safety functions such as "safe and applicable monitored stop", "drag teaching", and "power and force limitation"
Degreen of freedom 6
Reach 933mm
Payload 5kg
Programming On the graphical user interface of the 7-inch touch screen teach pendant
Robot mounting Any Orientation
Classification IP64
Noise ≤60dB
Communication protocol EtherCAT
Power supply DC 48V
Weight 23kg
Materials Aluminum alloy
Footprint Φ110mm

Axis movement robotic arm

Working range  Maximum speed
J1-Base ±360° ±150°
J2-Shoulder ±180° ±150°
J3-Elbow ±180° ±150°
J4-Wrist1 ±180° ±300°
J5-Wrist2 ±180° ±300°
J6-Wrist3 ±360° ±300°
Typical Tcp speed 2m/s

I/O ports in tool

I/O Voltage continuous current Ethercat Out
24V 1A 1way

Control box

Size 460*220*420mm
Weight 10Kg
Cable length 6m
Color Gray
communication protocol Ethernet , Modbus-RTU/TCP
Power supply 100-240VAC,50 - 60Hz
classification IP54

Teach Pendant

Size 265*185*50mm
Weight 1kg
Display panel 7inch resistive touch scree
Cable length 6m
classification IP54
Color Black

Control box I/O

Ordinary I/O Safety I/O
Digital input 16 16
Digital output 16 16
I/O Power supply 24V   5A


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