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Industrial-grade 20kg large-load co-robot

The TB6-R20 co- robot is an industrial-grade medium-sized co-robot with diversified functions. It has a payload of up to 20kg and an ultra-long arm span of 1000mm. It still maintains precise positioning accuracy during high-speed motion, and is suitable for all types of high precision The work task requirements of this type of co-robot; this co-robot weighs the only 60KG, has the advantages of collaborative safety features, large load, simple operation, low power consumption, and rapid deployment, and can adapt to a wider range of application requirements.

TB6-R20 Technical details

The performance characteristics of

• Ultra-high operating speed, accurate repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm
• With collision detection function, can work with people, safer and more reliable
• Low energy consumption, rapid deployment, simple and convenient installation, easy-to-use programming, meeting diversified production needs
• The protection level is up to IP64, suitable for all kinds of harsh production environments
• Adopt EtherCAT bus type communication mode, strong anti-interference ability and fast communication speed

TB6-R20 Co-robot promotional video

Product technical drawing

TR6-R20 Data download

TB6-R20 Co-robot technical parameters

Robotic armControl box&Teach Pendant

Robotic arm

Repeatability ±0.1mm
Ambient humidity range 25-85%(Not condensable)
Ambient temperature range -20-45℃
Power consumption 500w(Normal working condition)
Rated life 30000h
Cooperative operation Cooperative operation according to IOS10218-1: 2011, equipped with co-robot safety functions such as "safe and applicable monitored stop", "drag teaching", and "power and force limitation"
Degreen of freedom 6
Reach 1000mm
Payload 20kg
Programming On the graphical user interface of the 7-inch touch screen teach pendant
Robot mounting Any Orientation
Classification IP64
Noise ≤60dB
Communication protocol EtherCAT
Power supply DC 48V
Weight 38kg
Materials Aluminum alloy
Footprint Φ148mm

Axis movement robotic arm

Working range  Maximum speed
J1-Base ±175° ±90°
J2-Shoulder ±175° ±90°
J3-Elbow ±175° ±100°
J4-Wrist1 ±175° ±160°
J5-Wrist2 ±175° ±160°
J6-Wrist3 ±175° ±160°
Typical Tcp speed 1.6m/s

I/O ports in tool

I/O Voltage continuous current Ethercat Out
24V 1A 1way

Control box

Size 460*220*420mm
Weight 10Kg
Cable length 6m
Color Gray
communication protocol Ethernet , Modbus-RTU/TCP
Power supply 100-240VAC,50 - 60Hz
classification IP54

Teach Pendant

Size 265*185*50mm
Weight 1kg
Display panel 7inch resistive touch scree
Cable length 6m
classification IP54
Color Black

Control box I/O

Ordinary I/O Safety I/O
Digital input 16 16
Digital output 16 16
I/O Power supply 24V   5A


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