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Co-robots for industrial applications with large loads

Industrial grade series products

TB6-R10 is a more powerful industrial-grade co-robot, capable of automating tasks with payloads below 10KG, with a working radius of 1333mm. It is suitable for large-scale and large-load tasks. It can be used in factory automation, automotive, 3C, medical, electric power, aerospace, scientific research, education, and other industries, multi-scenario automation needs.

TB6-R10 Technical details

The performance characteristics of

• To meet the higher load, a greater range of automated operations, both high load and high precision areas of work requirements.
• Modular joint design, quick disassembly, quick repair, and replacement.
• Compact appearance, arbitrary Angle installation, flexible deployment, easy to use
• Advanced drag demonstration and collision detection functions.
• Force sense collision detection, with high flexibility, high safety performance, and human-computer interaction, integration, and cooperation.

TB6-R10 Co-robot promotional video

Product technical drawing

TR6-R10 Data download

TB6-R10 Co-robot technical parameters

Robotic armControl box&Teach Pendant

Robotic arm

Repeatability ±0.08mm
Ambient humidity range 25-85%(Not condensable)
Ambient temperature range -20-45℃
Power consumption 500w(Normal working condition)
Rated life 30000h
Cooperative operation Cooperative operation according to IOS10218-1: 2011, equipped with co-robot safety functions such as "safe and applicable monitored stop", "drag teaching", and "power and force limitation"
Degreen of freedom 6
Reach 1333mm
Payload 10kg
Programming On the graphical user interface of the 7-inch touch screen teach pendant
Robot mounting Any Orientation
Classification IP64
Noise ≤60dB
Communication protocol EtherCAT
Power supply DC 48V
Weight 37kg
Materials Aluminum alloy
Footprint Φ148mm

Axis movement robot arm

Working range  Maximum speed
J1-Base ±175° ±100°
J2-Shoulder ±175° ±100°
J3-Elbow ±175° ±130°
J4-Wrist1 ±175° ±160°
J5-Wrist2 ±175° ±160°
J6-Wrist3 ±175° ±160°
Typical Tcp speed 3m/s

I/O ports in tool

I/O Voltage continuous current Ethercat Out
24V 1A 1way

Control box

Size 460*220*420mm
Weight 10Kg
Cable length 6m
Color Gray
communication protocol Ethernet , Modbus-RTU/TCP
Power supply 100-240VAC,50 - 60Hz
classification IP54

Teach Pendant

Size 265*185*50mm
Weight 1kg
Display panel 7inch resistive touch scree
Cable length 6m
classification IP54
Color Black

Control box I/O

Ordinary I/O Safety I/O
Digital input 16 16
Digital output 16 16
I/O Power supply 24V   5A


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