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The core component of the co-robot---joint module

2021-04-12 15:56:144210
The core component of the collaborative robot is the joint module. The joint module integrates a high-performance torque motor, a high-precision sensor, a high-precision harmonic reducer, a high-safety servo drive and a brake in one, meeting the user’s needs for large torque output, high motion accuracy, and high reliability. Hardware safety detection and software protection functions protect the normal use of joints, integrate observer-based multi-loop servo control algorithm, feedforward friction compensation algorithm, and use control more stable.
Techsoft robots (Shenzhen), as one of the few joint module R&D and manufacturers in China, has been committed to providing enterprises with more collaborative robot joint module solutions. Since the transformation in 2016, Techsoft robots has developed and produced dozens of collaborative robot joint modules, such as RJSII series, RJU series, SHD series, RJSIIZ series and other joint modules, providing robot joint modules for over 100 robot companies , To help companies quickly develop their own brand collaborative robots.


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