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Working principle of industrial robotic arm

2020-08-04 16:41:122967
An industrial arm is a mechanical electronic device that can simulate the functions of a human arm, wrist, and hand. It can also move any object or tool according to the time-varying requirements of the space position to complete the operational requirements of industrial production. For example, clip welding or welding torch, spot welding or arc welding on car or motorcycle body; moving parts or components in die casting or stamping; laser cutting; painting; assembly of mechanical parts, etc. The mechanical arm can simulate some functions of the human arm and the arm. This is an automatic operation device that can extract objects or operate tools according to a fixed program. Modern robots can replace the heavy labor of humans to achieve production, and can protect the safety of the human body in the environment.

Robotic arms usually have several degrees of freedom to grab or move objects (tools or workpieces). Therefore, an industrial robotic arm can be understood as a mechanical and electronic device that simulates the functions of an arm, wrist, and hand; it can move any object or tool according to the time-varying requirements of spatial position and posture to meet the operational requirements of industrial production. For example, hand-held welding tongs or welding guns, spot welding or arc welding on the body of a car or motorcycle; processing die-cast or stamped parts or components; laser cutting; spraying; assembly of mechanical parts, etc. Currently, there is no uniform classification standard for industrial manipulators. Different classifications can be made according to different requirements.

In fact, not only the mobile electronic and electrical industry, automobile manufacturing, but also the logistics industry, medical industry, food industry, household appliance industry, casting industry, tobacco industry, etc. have entered the era of robotic arms. I believe that in the near future , The robotic arm will get more applications.


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