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TB6-R5 medical co-robot

2020-06-30 11:16:00 4185
At present, the company researches and develops collaborative robots that are engaged in or assisted in the medical industry. This lightweight robot has a payload of up to 5KG. With its sensitive characteristics, it can meet the high requirements of the medical industry. With the improvement of its accuracy, flexibility, and safety and human-machine collaboration capabilities, it will be flexibly integrated into medical devices to assist in the completion of various work tasks in the field of medical technology.
Medical robotic arm
The TB6-R5 robot is flexible and easy to program and can be used with a variety of tools. With its sensitive characteristics, it can be used not only in the medical industry and manufacturing industry but also in other industries. The robot can be integrated into medical devices simply and flexibly. The precise and advanced TB6-R5 robot conforms to the medical industry's specifications for product consistency. This kind of robot not only needs to complete various medical tasks with high flexibility, Special high-precision work also needs to be completed, which can effectively reduce the workload of medical professionals.
Medical robot
You can use the diverse actuators at the end to flexibly expand the application and become your flexible assistant to complete different work tasks with you. The application scenarios of robots in the medical industry are extensive and constantly expanding, and are suitable for applications such as assembly, distribution, inspection, polishing, picking and placing, material handling, machine tool management, AGV, and so on.
Medical manipulator


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