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Enabling textile enterprises to achieve intelligent upgrading!

2021-07-21 15:34:45 3234
In recent years, on the basis of textile equipment automation and continuous textile production, the textile industry has entered the intelligent process. Combining with the current situation of textile industry, we should create a new production mode and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing,
Tyco intelligent robot joint module and cooperative robot have a complete set of solutions to help textile enterprises realize the intelligent upgrading of the textile industry, and solve the labor difficulties and high labor costs in factory production
Series of problems, optimize the cost matching. To achieve cost reduction and growth, worry free production.

1. Automatic doffing

When the spinning tube is full, the doffing robot runs slowly on the channel, the yarn grabbing arm grabs the tube yarn accurately and puts it in the yarn basket, and then inserts the empty tubes into the spindle quickly. Doffing robot is spinning collective
A powerful supplement to doffing device. The application flexibility of doffing robot is relatively high. One robot can be applied to multiple spinning frames, which can completely replace the traditional manual tube pulling and intubation work, and effectively reduce the yarn quality
It reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the work efficiency and reduces the production cost. At present, Tyco intelligent cooperative robot can complete the workload of 8 operators, about 50% of the labor cost is saved, and the cost is reduced
Double the efficiency of collaboration.

2. Automatic package of cylinder yarn

After the winding process, the automatic package process is used to automatically bag, seal, weigh, mark and transfer the winding yarn. The robot will fully automate the whole process of yarn packaging and reduce the cost
Manual operation; The machine vision is used to locate the yarn in the bagging manipulator, which avoids the damage to the yarn; In the weighing label link, the Internet of things technology is used to mark the information of bagging yarn in real time
Record, provide real-time information for logistics storage and sales management system.

3. Automatic doffing of roving

The main structure of the automatic doffing robot is composed of four parts: picking and placing manipulator, full yarn lifting manipulator, empty pipe conveying system and AGV trolley. Each part is relatively independent and interrelated. AGV small
The car is in place automatically according to the set stride. The positioning accuracy of pick and place manipulator represents the core technology of doffing robot, which determines the work efficiency and production level of doffing robot. Tyco intelligent robot can do it
High precision positioning level of ± 0.05mm, small error, high stability, combined with double arm system and AGV car, greatly improve the production efficiency of the production line;
The roving doffing function is effective, accurate and fast. Without changing the structure of the roving frame, it can match with the new machine of the spinning machine manufacturing enterprise, and it can also be used for the roving frame of the cotton spinning enterprise
In order to improve the level of automation, save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

4. The production mode of automation is no longer a futuristic one, but an ongoing industrial change

In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, new textile technology, new materials, new technology and new equipment have made rapid development. In the aspect of automation, the automatic cylinder changing of carding, drawing and finishing are realized
Automatic cylinder change of comb, automatic doffing of roving, automatic doffing of spinning, automatic joint of rotor spinning, automatic joint of air jet vortex spinning and automatic joint of winding. The program of textile production line is complex, so the intelligence of robot is very important
It's very demanding. Tyco intelligent robot can match different solutions according to the process and production mode of different industries to meet the stringent technical requirements of various industries.


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