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Robotic joint encoder

The absolute encoder uses the principle of capacitive sensing and signal modulation and demodulation to measure the position, instead of the photoelectric detection technology, to achieve more than high resolution and high accuracy. Because the sensing area of the detector is a 360-degree annular surface, the relative position accuracy requirements of the moving disk and the static disk are reduced. Mechanically, it has the characteristics of no bearing, large bore, and thin. Using unique technology for absolute position addressing, the encoder can output any angle value within one week after power on. From the perspective of application effects, the thickness and cost of the servo motor can be reduced. The superior characteristics of the large-bore hollow shaft are suitable for applications such as robots, CNC turntables, and direct-drive motors. The installation method, communication protocol, and electrical specifications of the encoder can be customized according to customer needs.



Excellent cost performance, excellent performance, precise control, high precision, high resolution


Hollow ultra-thin strong output

● Small size, minimum outer diameter Φ54mm, hollow maximum Φ23mm.
● Absolute encoder resolution 13-18bits can be customized according to requirements.
● Integrated encoder, fast installation, no commissioning, plug-and-play use.
● Support rich interface protocols, standard BiSS protocol, compatible with RS485 serial communication of Tamagawa and Panasonic, SPI interface, SSI, PWM.

Industrial-grade encoder for harsh working environments

● Standard industrial grade, high reliability, long life, strong anti-interference performance.
● Anti-oil, vibration, high humidity, high and low temperature, and other harsh environments can still operate reliably, the protection level is up to IP64.
● The superior characteristics of large-bore hollow shafts are suitable for high-precision fields such as robotics, medical equipment, electric power, and scientific research.
● Incremental encoder resolution 2000-20000P / R.


Basic parameters




Singleturn resolution (maximum) Bits 17(20)
Accuracy degree
Repeatability degree
Mechanical Installation
external diameter mm 60
Axis Diameter mm 12
Total thickness mm 8.3
Air Gap of Static Disk and Moving Disk
mm 0.6
Axial error mm ±0.1
Radial error mm ±0.1
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage V 4.5-26.4
current mA 140
Communication   BISS-C/SSI/RS485/SPI
Maximum speed RPM 9000
Ambient temperature -40~85
Storage temperature
Humidity % 0.98
Environmental testing
IP classification  -- IP20
EMC  -- EC 6100-6-2 EC 6100-6-4
Vibration  -- EC 60068-2-6
 -- EC 60068-2-27

Drawings name

2D Drawings 3D Drawings


  • YSA17-S5013-H12 Singleturn absolute encoder

  • YSA17-S6013-H18.5 Singleturn absolute encoder

  • Photoelectric Incremental Encoder



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