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TA7 Series OEM Custom Robot

TA7 series is a cooperative robot customized by Techsoft Robots(Shenzhen) according to customer requirements. It has the functions of dragging, teaching, safety and anti-collision, and can work directly with people. The joint module designed independently is light, flexible, smooth and flexible, and meets the demand of load at the same time. It has strong versatility, cooperation and openness, and is suitable for logistics assembly, pipeline production, loading and unloading, AGV, 3C electronics, scientific research, medical and other industries. All out-of-factory robots need to complete 7*24 hours of testing before they can be shipped out (for example, right video for out-of-factory testing, click and watch).

This series of products can be customized for customers. They can be customized according to their specific requirements and drawing parameters. They have been customized for a number of cooperative companies and have won unanimous praise from customers.

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