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TA6 Series Cooperative Robots

TA6 series is a cooperative robot independently developed by Techsoft Robots(Shenzhen). It has the functions of dragging, teaching, safety and anti-collision, and can work directly with people. The joint module designed independently is light, flexible, smooth and flexible, and meets the demand of load at the same time. It has strong versatility, cooperation and openness, and is suitable for logistics assembly, pipeline production, loading and unloading, AGV, 3C electronics, scientific research, medical and other industries.

Product Characteristics of TA6 Series Cooperative Robots

Application Area

Advantages of TA6 Series Cooperative Robots

Type TA6-R3 TA6-R5
Power consumption Normal working condition 250w Normal working condition 450w
Suggest Power supply 48VDC+/-10%,9Amps 48VDC+/-10%,12Amps
0-50°C 0-50°C
90%relative humidity(Not condensable 90%relative humidity(Not condensable
Cooperation Adjustablecollision safety function Adjustable collision safety function
Payload 3kg 5kg
height 805mm 1084mm
Working radius 500mm 810mm
Degreesof freedom Six rotatory joints(Degreesof freedom) Six rotatory joints(Degreesof freedom)
Programming  7 inch Touch screen  7 inch Touch screen 
Teach Pendant programming Teach Pendant programming
Repeatability ±0.02mm,With payload ±0.02mm,With payload
Axis Workingrange Maximum speed Workingrange  Maximum speed
base ±360° ±180°/s ±360° ±120°/s
shoulder ±180° ±180°/s ±180° ±120°/s
elbow ±180° ±180°/s ±180° ±120°/s
wrist1 ±180° ±180°/s ±180° ±180°/s
Wrist2 ±180° ±180°/s ±180° ±180°/s
wrist3 ±360° ±180°/s ±360° ±180°/s
Typical end-effector speed 1.5m/s 1.5m/s
IP classification IP54 IP54
ISO Clean room rating 6 6
Noise <60dB <60dB
Angle of installation any 任意角度any
physical characteristic
Floor space Ø118mm Ø139mm
Materials  Aluminum,Steel  Aluminum ,Steel 
End-effector connection type EtherCAT EtherCAT
Cable length  6m 6m
Weight (with cables) 16.2kg 22.6kg

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