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Company vision: to become a highly competitive company brand in China's high-end servo and motion control market.
Company mission: to continuously create advanced, intelligent and high quality servo drive and motion control products for customers.
Help customers solve more challenging motion control problems and Applications
Business philosophy: professionalism, concentration, focus, excellence, and pursuit of perfection.
Major: we only do what we are good at and provide better products for our customers.
Attention: sincerely listen to employees, customers' opinions and needs, and constantly improve customer satisfaction.
Focus: carry forward nail spirit, study core technology, and achieve continuous innovation.
Keeping Improvement: Improving the Quality of Products, Never Endless
Pursuit of perfection: deep and meticulous, full of effort

Core values: integrity, quality, innovation, and responsibility.
Honesty: honesty, punctuality and trustworthiness.
Quality: be strict with yourself and pursue perfection.
Innovation: dare to risk, surpass oneself,
Responsibility: conscientious and pragmatic, result oriented